Thursday, July 30, 2009

Types of agarwood product used in trade

1. Wood chips
2. Wood chips mixed perfume
3. Oil
4. Powder
5. Mixed Perfumes
6. Shampoos,Creams,Lotions,Tissues

Agarwood at the present time

At the present time Arab are famous for using agarwood in particular the Arab of the Arabian Peninsula.This is due to the strong relevance with the old history of trading and usage of agarwood incense and fragrance for long time ago.In the past agarwood was imported only from India but at the present time it is imported from India,Malaysia,Indonesia,Burma,Thailand,Vietnam and Cambodia.
Arabs usually use agarwood as wooden chips or aromatic oils or as mixtures or fragrances.Agarwood most frequently used in winter season,welcoming the visitors,happy occasions such as marriage and births,it is also used in major religious occasions such as Ramadhan month,Eid,Hajj season and incensing mosques.Usually expensive types of agarwood are used in special occasions or on welcoming guests where cheap types of agarwood incenses are used for replacing the unpleasant smells at home or for daily use.

Agarwood in Islamic period

Trading in agarwood continued with india after emergence of Islam.However,agarwood usages differed as it was used as a religious purpose but in the Islamic period it is used as fragrance together with musk and ambergris where fragrances trade was very famous among arabs.There is many proves regarding the usage of agarwood Among Holy Prophet's

Agarwood uses in the Pre-Islam era

Agarwood incense was used in the Pre-Islamic era for religious purpose such ceremonials and rituals of ancient civilazations.Incense was presented in oblations in temples of Babel and Nainawa.It was also used by Ancient Egyptians where it played an important role,especially in dead rituals.

Prepared by :Shereefa Sultan Al-Saleem

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